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Source Partners
The Design and Build staff at Mandy's Spring Nursery relies on many high quality suppliers to source the raw materials required for  the completion of our projects.

Here are select trusted partners recommended by Mandy's Spring Nursery.  Please feel free to call them or visit their website as you explore the materials that are best for you.
Adirondack Natural Stone
Granite Building Stone  
(518) 499-0602
Saratoga Masonry
Ayers Supply Bluestone
 Bluestone and Fieldstone
 (800) 422-9377
Adam Ross Cut Stone
Stone Fabricators  
(518) 463-6674
Bailey's Nurseries
Seedling and Finished Plants
Palette Stone Corporation
Bulk Stone and Aggregate
 (518) 644-9855
Hardgoods Source
Greengoods Source
Finished Container Shrubs and Perennials
Blocks, Bricks and Masonry
 (518) 587-6300
Lumber and Building Supplies 
(518) 885-5311
The Dock Doctors
Champlain Stone
Docks and Lakeside Living 
 (800) 870-6756
Granite Building Stone 
(518) 623-2902
Imperial Nurseries
Prides Corner's Farms
Ernst Crownvetch Farms
Finished Container Shrubs and Perennials
Native Seed Mixes and Crownvetch Plugs
Curtis Lumber
Mandy Spring Farm Nursery Inc.
1637 County Route 28   Granville, NY 12832
(518) 642-3676   Fax (518) 642-1369   Florist Shop (518) 642-9696
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