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Welcome to Mandy’s Spring!
Mandy Spring Farm Nursery Inc. 1637 County Route 28 Granville, NY 12832                             
Thank you for visiting us! Mandy’s Spring Nursery is a diverse landscape and nursery business, serving the Lake George - Saratoga Region of New York along with the Lakes Region of Vermont. Please browse these pages to learn more about our Design and Construction Services.  
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Our Name

Mandy’s Spring Farm was named by our grandparents, William and Gertrude Smith, after the natural artesian spring that is found on our farm. If you stop by, you can see the spring, contained in the 1930’s spring house. Be a part of tradition and take some of this pure, cold water home with you! 
We’re passionate about our Trade... We even have The License Plate! 
Mandy Spring Farm Nursery Inc.
1637 County Route 28   Granville, NY 12832
(518) 642-3676   Fax (518) 642-1369   Florist Shop (518) 642-9696
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